Welcome to Punch!

Has there not been enough cool in your closet lately? Do you just need more unique, pop-culture inspired, novel, neon, retro, geek-chic, heart-shaped, text-covered, or just plain blindingly colorful creations?  Are you also on a quest for the perfect denim jumpsuit, or  high-heeled jelly sandals circa the late nineties? Do you miss the Fun in Fashion? 

Here at Punch! We are the Dunkin' Donuts of Fashion Blogs- Sweet and Cheap (And similar to DD, we apparently indicate this with an excess of neon pink and orange in our logo)  We may be a Fashion Blog for the Rest of Us, But we are Not your Average Fashion Blog.

About The Author

Punch! is proudly based in Boston, MA. It is actually just written by one person who is a Serious Scientist by day, a Secret Fashion Blogger by night, and a 24/7 lover of all things aesthetically awesome.