Friday, December 7, 2012

Bow to the Bow

"Oh hey look, I still need to collect my free birthday gift from Sephora. I'll just stop by the mall and then do other errands. I'll only be 15 minutes"- The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Three hours later, I emerged. Arms covered in eye shadow samples, mismatched painted nails, and about three different hair colors in in my highlights. (But through some electronic mishap miracle I got a $23 brush for $3, so that was awesome and completely justifies the entire obsessive experience.)

What took me so long? A major contributor was  Sephora's Hello Kitty Make Up Collection. I don't know a lot about make up, but I know that I only wear makeup I get excited about wearing, and at the end of the day Hello-Kitty-themed packaging has more of a sway in this than it ever really should. I mean, I've been looking to wear more bronze eye shadow anyway, right?

Say Hello Palette- Wild Thing Collection  
(AKA Giraffe print meets Gaga bow)  


                                                                 Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette 
                                          (That is no longer sold because actually it's a year old. I weep.)

Hello Kitty Graffiti Make Up Bag

Big Pink Bow Hello Kitty Perfume Ring

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Putting the Pizza in Pizzaz?

When I was about seven (you know, that age you ascribe to basically all of your childhood ranging from five to 12...or maybe that's just me) I wanted to design a series of perfumes that were all based on foods. They could come in cute combinations, like peanut butter and jelly, or a 'pizza' base with a variety of mix-and-match topping add-ons.

Apparently, about a decade and a half later, my infantile dream was nearly realized. Thanks to Pizza Hut Canada, we now have "Eau De Pizza Hut" (Hand to God, that's the real name), a Pizza-Scented perfume. That impossible-to-shop-for person on your Christmas list? Check.

(Image Credit: Pizza Hut Canada)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Glitter Bow Glasses

Things I have mixed feelings about: glasses as accessories for people who don't actually need vision correction. Thinks I like: Glitter, Bows, Glasses with Bows, things-technically-designed-for-tweens-but-oh-well-I'm-going-to-wear-it-anyway.

 Now if only they were actually prescription...

Claire's Multicolored Glitter Bow Frames
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catch a Falling Star

...Or maybe a falling fashion blogger?  I have yet to actually try on and successfully walk in a pair of magical and mystical heeless pumps. I should probably get on that.

But anyway, I could take this time to blab on about how awesome my kindred spirit Greg Selkoe is, or further philosophize on the Lorena-Bobbitization of the high-heeled shoe, but instead I'll just show you these awesome and adorable Jeffery Campbell 'Starynite' shoes available on Who needs a traditional, penis-shaped heel when instead you could use an adorable metallic star heel? This is by far the cutest and least creepy heeless platform shoe I have seen yet.

Jeffrey Campbell Starynite Shoe in black

(Image  Credit:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pants Down, The Best Jeans Ever

Are you a Dude craving a more creative approach to covering your crotch then the same old slacks? Are you jealous of the plethora of choices women have compared to men in this sartorially sexist society? Well, look no further than Naked and Famous Jeans. Not only are these jeans crafted from high quality Japanese denim, they are also the awesome space age pants of the future and 100% designed with dudes in mind.

 Want the perfect opening line to get a girl near your manbits? how about telling her that your jeans are Scratch N' Sniff Lavender Scented? Want to stand out at a Rave? Glow in the Dark Jeans should do the trick. Need proof that she was totally all over you last night? How about Thermochromic Denim that changes color with body heat. (Think Hypercolor T shirts: The Denim version).

Go ahead. Give them a google. The more money they make, the more likely it is that they will start making women's styles, and the sooner I can get a pair of...oh god I can't even pick just one.

(Image Credits: Naked and Famous Denim)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10,000 Leagues Under the Sea Punk

Ok, I've been a bad, bad blogista. I've allowed moving and the 9to5 to take up time that could be spent internet browsing and street styling. (Whoever you were, random girl on the subway with pink hair, a neon pink purse, and a pink trench coat, you rock.) Anyway, hopefully these will make it up to you. Courtesy of the "emerging trends"  event (whatever that means, aren't all fashion weeks about 'emerging trends?') at Boston Fashion week (again, whatever that means).

Also, apparently SeaPunk is now a thing. You read it here first. 

(Image Credit: Natasha Moustache, Boston Phoenix)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cheers, to the Brooklyn of Boston

With my pending move to Allston, this necklace seemed very appropriate

(Image Credit:
PBR Bow-Tie Necklace on Etsy- Only 3.99