Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vagina Shoes

I read somewhere that we are in a very effeminate fashion cycle, and it's true. If you're not convinced by the legions of body-con skirts, pouf skirts, and giant head bows, then these alone could probably suffice.

(Image Credit: Nasty Gal)

Yes, they really are vagina shoes.

And if men weren't worried enough about the dearth of need for them in modern society**, we've even pulled a Lorena Bobbit on the heel all together:

Rock Star Platform, Vavoom Platform- Nasty Gal
(Image Credits: Nasty Gal)

It seems we are finally starting to realize the full artistic potential of shoes. They really are like small sculptures for your feet. The $ea of $hoes blogger once wrote that "shoes are the only accessible thing in fashion" and she may be onto something. Sure, it's ironic coming from someone so fashionably privileged (wealthy, model thin, etc) but where clothes look different on everyone based on fit, shoes and accessories do look more or less the same.

**Actually that article is kind of retarded...Star Wars is awesome. 

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