Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pants Down, The Best Jeans Ever

Are you a Dude craving a more creative approach to covering your crotch then the same old slacks? Are you jealous of the plethora of choices women have compared to men in this sartorially sexist society? Well, look no further than Naked and Famous Jeans. Not only are these jeans crafted from high quality Japanese denim, they are also the awesome space age pants of the future and 100% designed with dudes in mind.

 Want the perfect opening line to get a girl near your manbits? how about telling her that your jeans are Scratch N' Sniff Lavender Scented? Want to stand out at a Rave? Glow in the Dark Jeans should do the trick. Need proof that she was totally all over you last night? How about Thermochromic Denim that changes color with body heat. (Think Hypercolor T shirts: The Denim version).

Go ahead. Give them a google. The more money they make, the more likely it is that they will start making women's styles, and the sooner I can get a pair of...oh god I can't even pick just one.

(Image Credits: Naked and Famous Denim)

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