Monday, February 13, 2012

And...Poof! We Exist

Dear Leandra "TheManRepeller" Medine,

For starters, I give you cred. Your life and accomplishments are clearly bitchin', and even though we are the same age I have no doubt your blog gets more hits in a day than mine will over the course of the next ten years. While you're off strutting your stuff at fashion week in glamorous New York City , I am lounging in my bed in Boston wearing the same lack-of-pants I've been wearing pretty much all weekend. I have to admit- I'm pretty jel.

But here's the thing, people- Do you ever see a piece of clothing you absolutely love but a.) Can't possibly afford, and even if you could, b.) you would never actually have an opportunity to wear it because either c.) people would stare you down on the street excessively* or d.) Let'sBeReal, you only go to an event requiring anything more than jeans maybe twice a year?

(*note that I said excessively- The occasional stare down is the highest compliment to a Ballsy Dresser. )

So here we are. Welcome to Poof! Funky, Fabulous, Fantastic Fashion...for the rest of us. Sure, I love designers, but the day I can drop $400 on skirt is the day I'll probably stop blogging, because I'm off tanning in the Bahamas while my personal assistant's intern is doing it for me. Sure, Carrie Bradshaw's White dress in the Sex and the City Movie was amazing, but five minutes on the subway would crush that baby like a soda can on the tracks. It's fun to bring your A-game and rock super formal attire sometimes, but most wardrobe dilemmas are really a search for the perfect "Fasual" look- It's Fancy, Fashionable, and Casual, all rolled into one ready-for-anything outfit.

Great Dress I would totally wear...The day I get Invited to the Grammy's. Wear this to a wedding and the Bride will probably, actually kill you.

So here's what I'm thinking- See an outfit you love on TV but could never wear in public? Or at least not without sacrificing a significant portion of your 401k? email it to me and...Poof! you have a version that is both ready-to-wear and ready-to-rock. In the meantime, I'll be providing you with both affordable and less-affordable objet's de fashion lust, and my own adventures into the depths of my (unfortunately normal-sized, but ever expanding) closet.


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