Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dudes: How to Get More Ladies in Bars

Surprisingly, 50% of my overwhelmingly giant pool of readers currently consists of dudes. But then I thought to myself- "why not promote fabulous fashion finds for dudes? Surely they are so poorly underrepresented in the fashion world! Especially those who never wear suits or designer sweatpants!"  So without further ado...

Dudes, do you get lonely? (and horny?) Do you wish women would approach you in bars for a change?(and pay for your drinks?)  I may have the solution to all of your penis woes.

I give you, the light-up shirt. Yes, this shirt actually lights up when in the presence of noise, and the pattern changes according to frequency. I have seen it myself first hand in action. While I shortly left the bar soon afterwards, I always regretted not talking to that dude. If I ever see another dude wearing a light-up decibel-indicating shirt, he is MINE I TELL YOU. ALL MINE.  

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For those of you not sold on the decibel design (though I have no idea why you wouldn't be), there are a variety of other designs including badass sunglasses, rainbow headphones, sexy women, and a butterfly. (OK- maybe would be slightly less drawn to a dude wearing a light up butterfly...or at least assume he was gay) At less than $20 each these are also a steal. Lucky y-chromosome holding Bastards.

(Though I do admit that Sexy Girl #2 Does kind of look like she has a massive boner...)

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