Friday, March 23, 2012

Betsey Johnson Collection vs Betsey Johnson

Yes...apparently there is now a difference. What was once just "Betsey Johnson" is now "Betsey Johnson Collection" ("Chic, Glamorous, Cool, Timeless treasures for my Uptown Precious Princess" according to the website) and we now celebrate the advent of simply "Betsey Johnson" ("Cool, Edgy, Relaxed & a bit Quirky, I am giving a Rock 'n Roll twist to the classic Betsey look at prices that won't make you blush")

I'm still not quite sure how "Betseyville" and "Betsey" (Is there just a "Betsey?") fit into all this, but that is for another post.

But what was that? Could it be? Betsey Johnson coming out with a line of clothes that are ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE FOR THE AVERAGE HUMAN? Clearly this is the best news of the century. Hands down. Or rather, would be the best news of the century if the pieces were actually as inexpensive as they were cracked up to be.

A quick visit to the website shows that your typical Betsey Johnson No-Collection T-shirt will still set you back at least $50, and easily closer to $80. While a sale discount might bring that down to a reasonable $20-$30, it seems we will still be waiting it out for glorious, Bargain Betsey after all.


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