Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Best Engagement Ring

Honestly I don't really believe in engagement rings. They're like a showy, expensive down payment on the bride's dowry from the 1950s, or a bid on her- the biggest rock from the best provider. And why don't guys have to wear one? So the woman has to make it abundantly clear that she's off the market while the guy continues to harmlessly flirt with strangers until he actually says 'I do' months, or even years, later? 

But then I realized- despite the kneeling on one knee, and the romantic setting, and all that other crap, it really doesn't feel like an engagement without that little velvet box. (Also, I tend to go deaf in emotionally charged situations, so the visual cue is critical.) So let it be known: I want an engagement ring, and it should be like this one. Simple, Sweet, Heart-shaped... and just $1.50. 

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Forever 21 Heart Ring in Gold- $1.50

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