Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am a huge fan of the Juicy Couture charm collection. They're brightly colored and create some really original charms that you would never find from a more serious brand (eg- Hot Pink Statue of Liberty, Beer Can). There is also a large variety of creatively used materials- clear resin with crystals for a melting Popsicle, a pearl for a bubble, etc. Even the starter bracelets and necklaces come in an amazing variety of colors, including many shades of neon and iridescent magical rainbow (or 'multi'... you know, whatever you wanna call it) . I recommend getting the necklaces over the bracelets though, just because the charms are large and clunky and I would hate for them always be clacking against each other.

(Image Credits: Juicy Couture) 
Above: Statue of Liberty Charm, Pizza Box Charm, Lightning Bolt Charm, Beer Can Charm, Bubbles Charm, Popsicle Charm.

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