Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clear's The Thing II

It's shockingly practical. Not just for Chanel, but for the entire fashion world. Why let the random clutter of your over-sized briefcase-purse hybrid hide from your blind, desperately scrummaging hand, when instead it could be compartmentalized, ordered, and displayed in broad daylight? It's hardly a briefcase, it's a toolbox. The emergency-car-break-down kit of your daily life, polished up by a designer logo and luxe chain strap. The implied monopoly is also brilliant- if you want your compact/purse/sunglasses/lipstick to fit perfectly, they better be Chanel too. 

But I'm still left wondering...Where is the clasp? How does it open? Do I need a screwdriver?

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Chanel- Perspex Briefcase

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