Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cue Bond Music

What? Sorry,  I couldn't hear you over my BAMF secret agent skills, which have landed me a mission where I must keep computer codes critical to the nation's security on a  USB drive disguised as an expensive Swarovski Crystal Necklace. After I sneak into the multi-billionaire's mansion during his charity benefit (using my sexual allure, of course) I will subtly scope out the library for trap doors leading to...Well, you get the idea.

But if you just want a pretty way to keep 4GBs of  your most recent work project or resume on hand at all times, I guess this works for that too. Oh, and the plastic bit? Actually made of Sillicon. Valentine's Day in the Valley? This is the obvious choice.

Swarovski USB Heart Necklace
(Image Credit: BondMag.eu)

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