Sunday, February 19, 2012

Impractically Pink

Mojo Moxy "Mindy" in Fuchsia- $80.99, Betsey Johnson "Glitzeee"-$139 (hopefully reduced soon?)

I've never heard of "Mojo Moxy" before but seeing the shoes on the upper left I am immediately impressed. The shoes have a carefree youthfulness and spunk about them that goes right along with the brand name. Granted- I have no idea where I would ever where such giant platforms (or if I could even walk there safely. Read: the-6"-Platform-Flip-Flop-Cobblestone-Catastrophe-of-2011) but we can still dream. They're also available in black for those of you who are digging the massive almost-wedge platform but not the color.

On the right, we have the Elle Woods Shoe to end all Shoes. I've had my eye on these for awhile and plan to swoop once the pricetag falls below $90 (If ever). I'll probably have to save them for birthdays and other such events where I can pair them with a tiara and princess poof skirt, but they will surely be well worth it. (Again, if you're not digging the color there are many other options, my runner up favorite being black with red-lips detail) There is also a flats version, but if you ask me the effect is hardly the same.

And since I mentioned them yesterday just for kicks, here's the Betsey Johnson Caseyy-R in Pink. Pretty fabulous. (If you haven't noticed, BJ is basically my favorite. I may or may not use that abbreviation en masse in the future for fear of epic misunderstanding).

Betsey Johnson "Caseyy-R"- $130-80

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