Friday, February 17, 2012

The Little Black Shoe

One thing I surprisingly don't own is a standby pair of black, formal heels. (Obviously, a versatile wardrobe necessity). I've been getting by with a great pair of sandals and some slightly more outfit-specific booties, but in the chilly months or with a longer skirt simply neither will do.

The Current Collection:

Betsey Johnson Law- ~$130
(Can be found for less) ..............................................Steve Madden Luxe Suede Pump- $90

If you liked the look of the second pair, I apologize. Thirty minutes of googling could not yield the picture or official style name. Sorry to be such a FashionTease. (And please excuse my dry, scarcely shaven legs. Like I said, it's February)

I know, I know, not quite in keeping with the "Fashion Blog for Everyone" Mantra price-wise, but considering the amount of wear I get out of them it's pretty worth it. Anyway, Enter the Runners up for the next major Little Black Shoe:

The second I saw this silouhette I was in love. I am a huge fan of the bow-on-heel movement*, and the rhinestones are the perfect finishing touch. For what it's worth this shoe also comes in a bright Christmassy Red and Girly Pink which are also amazing, but trying to stay on task here.

(*I soon hope to see actual acrylic bows on the back of spike heels. Also: bows laterally wrapped midway around the entire shoe like a fabulous christmas present of fashion. You heard it here first!)

Betsey Johnson Caseyy-R- ~$80 ($130 Full Retail)

So this one I just saw now but I think also deserves a shout-out. I am a sucker for anything printed/Newspaper looking. (Also available in
inverse black on white)

..............................Ed Hardy Mato Pump- $69.99

Alright, not nearly as sophisticated as we were going for and back on the bootie-bandwagon, but they're pretty badass and would look great for a night out on the town. I've been looking at these for awhile but have had trouble overcoming the $90 price tag.

Iron Fist Digi Skull Bootie- $89.99

Yet another Iron Fist pick. (I warned you- they are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands).
Again, more attitude than you might take to dinner at the Ritz... but how often do you really eat there anyway?

I would probably already own these if it weren't for a.) the price tag and b.) the fact that the height of that heel actually frightens me a little (a deadly weapon of its own at 5").

(If you like the artwork but not the shoe, a shirt and bag are also available at their website)

Iron Fist Parting Kiss- $89.99

And while we're on the topic of things I can't afford, here's a little High Fashion Porn to whet your appetite. (Yes, these were sported by Zoe Kravitz)

Alexander Wang "Liya" Pumps- $615
(Made from Suede, Leather, and...Stingray!?)

(High Five if you immediately thought of the "Manta Ray" Designer joke from SpiceWorld)

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