Friday, February 17, 2012

One Shoe, Two Shoe, Red Shoe, Blue Shoe

I've been on a major Blue and Red kick lately, so it was only a matter of time before I invested in a funky pair of heels to match. (Maybe I'm on to something here? Anyone who's been into a forever21 recently knows the Pink and Orange color-blocking trend is clearly at maximum capacity. Then again, perhaps so is color-blocking itself.)

True- heels aren't always the most wearable shoes, but that's why a genius god named Dr. Scholl exists. Thank the Lords of Science for him (her?), his (her?) slightly overpriced gel inserts, and brilliant portable folding flats. (Oh, and DrunkFeet. Never underestimate the fabulous powers of DrunkFeet).

Iron Fist Siren- $45.00

Michael Antonio Lanelle- $74.99

Ed Hardy Ophelia Wedge 62.99

The IronFist's (quickly becoming a new favorite brand, by the way) to the right I have been pretty much sold on for months (the fact that they can sometimes be found for $45 may indeed be a contributing factor), and the Ed Hardy wedge below I only saw five minutes ago but already feel the immediate need to own. The Lanelle in the middle may not make the cut, but I still threw it on here for the wonderful, summery, beachy feeling they seem to evoke. (Then again, it is February in Boston and I have already bought three pairs of shorts since Christmas, so that might just be me talking)

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