Monday, March 26, 2012

Wonder Woman's Magic Make Up?

It seems the GeekChic trend has finally found its way into our cosmetics products...And I for one, am certainly not complaining. Actually, I'm pretty freakin' ecstatic. Introducing: the Wonder Woman Collection from MAC.

Pretty Bottles and Clever Color Names aside, does it actually have anything to do with Wonder Woman? Would Wonder Woman feel offended that she is being used to market make up and not a Bra Burning device?  Oh, who cares. Until they actually come out with Magic Bangles* what better way to get a daily boost of power and punch out of your makeup bag. (And really, what is make up but 80% Packaging anyway?)

*Or a Magic Lasso...but seriously though, why a Lasso? Was the hole symbolic or something? Was a sword too phallic? Was she too lady-like for an actual, lethal weapon?

The Collection:                                                                   
Marketing Genius:

A Shirt and Tote too? Ooh Baby.

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