Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Smoking...Shoe?

So I rarely blog about anything that might also grace the pages of $ea of $hoe$, but these are certainly a worthy exception. Presenting today's High Fashion Porn Fix:

Prada Patent Leather Lips Platform Sandal- $890

Image Credit to Prada

Apparently the laws against smoking adds have become so restrictive that they now must resort to designer footwear collaborations. And what's this? They're actually wearable? are heels finally starting to come back down again after over a year of  Skyscraper-Platform-Hooker-Heel Chic? But I suppose that's for another post.

Honestly they look like they could be $800 cheaper and off a Betsey Johnson rack...which is certainly not a bad thing in my book. Though this does make me wonder- Do people covet certain shoes, clothes, designers etc. just because of how expensive they are? If we cut the labels out of a bunch of clothes and put them all on the same rack for the same price, would we be surprised by what people picked up? Is the expensive runway original necessarily better than the legion of imitations it inspires? With cheaper brands looking to always please consumers, democratically offering many more color choices and styles for a given product than their confident, bow-to-none high end counterparts, where is it really best to shop?

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