Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yup, I'm a DesiGirl

With Betsey Johnson sadly going out of business, there was a deep and aching void left in my soul for favorite designer. This void was filled in about .009 femtoseconds, however (Sorry, Betsey), by Desigual. Not only are the designs as original and colorful as the city they hail from (Barcelona), but most of their tops and purses actually retail for solidly less than $100. Factor in their Marilyn line and Cirque Du Soliel collaboration, and I was sold.

So if you were ever looking for an Urban, mostly black-and-white, trench coat with a metallic blue waist band and colorful artsy detailing, look no further. Fun fact: "Electro Magie" is french for "Electro Magic" (I think.)

(Image Credit:
Desigual- "Electro Magie" Coat

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